Manual Aerial Work Platforms

Multi Purpose Ladder

360 Degree Global Equipments is one of the best step ladder suppliers in the industry.

In the multi-purpose ladders category, we provide wall support ladder, wall support extendable ladder, self-support ladder, self-support extendable ladder, mobile support ladder and oil tank ladders. As leading step ladder suppliers, we offer complete step ladder solutions.

Aluminium Scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer, 360 Degree Global Equipments also offers Aluminium Scaffolding Rental.

Aluminium scaffolding is a temporary structure which is used to support the work crew by aiding them in material handling. Called as aluminium scaffold tower, it is similar to the structure of a watch tower as it comes with a work platform usually on the top to aid the workers. As a renowned Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturer, we ensure each Aluminium Scaffolding Rental is top quality scaffolding.